Day 10 Winter shoot 6000km in 14 days


Picnic on the mountain tops, with a view for miles of Spencers Gulf and the Port Augusta area. Located at the top of the historic Horrocks Pass(The pass was named after the explorer John Horrocks who descended through the pass in 1840 on his ill-fated journey north.) just 7km off the main road.
The change in landscape colours is brilliant, and I love the old stone buildings of the area.

We found this one just off the main road….it was also the place we met….Mel`on! (wild vine fruit) melon spent the rest of the trip with us, soft toys discarded for the small smooth round ..fruit. kept the kids entertained while playing spot the melon why we looked for a companion….Yep, and now imagine the trauma when we woke one morning to find little melon split open… Peterborough

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