To Paradise and Back DAY ONE continued

Lake Monduran to 1770 (1.2hr)   Next stop the beautiful Town of 1770 ( ). We cruised around the area first and fell in love, so picturesque and especially loved the practically on the beach camping(maybe not good for a Macia visit though). Only problem is you have to really like your camping neighbour … Read more

To Paradise and Back DAY TWO

Kinbombi Falls to Lake Monduran (3hr)   Falling to sleep to the silence of the bush is a stark contrast to the early mornings. By the first hint of light, the bush comes alive with bird chatter, and we are off to our next destination. Lake Monduran is an impressive site, and one of which we almost … Read more

To paradise and back DAY ONE

Dec 22nd Dayboro to Kinbombi Falls (3hr 40min) We started off early, and with the Landcruiser pulling up the Mt Mee hills like it was carrying a paper weight, we were off to a great start with some fantastic scenery. First stop was the unique Timber Museum in a beautiful town called Wondai ( An … Read more

Lightning Ridge 6000km in 14 days

Exploring Lightning Ridge day 13 An interestingly unique town of old cars, shanty homes and old mining holes and mounds. The coloured door tours is a brilliant  idea however we found ourselves getting lost with all the little tracks going everywhere(getting lost not so good with all the holes in the ground…and I will be honest … Read more

Day 13 Winter shoot 6000km in 14 days

Bourke To Lightning Ridge (3hr40min315km) Kicking up some dirt again, we discovered oodles of wildlife but you can see why there is so much road kill on the highways. They really don’t have a brain between them. As long as your taking your time its all good, but we found that the wild life love … Read more

Day 12 Winter shoot 6000km in 14 Days

WHITE CLIFFS TO BOURKE (5hr30min514km) Sunset and sunrise at white Cliffs is exceptional, especially when you take into account the vast expanse of countryside that can be viewed from above the underground Motel (where we stayed) sunset was a pleasant experience, sunrise a froze my bus off and was pretty overpowered by the starkness of … Read more

Day 11 Winter shoot 6000km in 14 days

PETERBOROUGH TO WHITE CLIFFS (6hr45min616km) Mornings were still bitterly cold but got out of the car for this little beauty, a great stone railway half way between Peterborough and Broken hill. Sometimes its great not knowing your left from right, on leaving Broken Hill we ended up on the Broken Hill to White Cliffs dirt road which … Read more

Peterborough Winter shoot 6000km in 14 days

Peterborough ghosts Peterborough was voted(family vote) to have the best town signs However, I found the Light and sound show at Steam Town to be little more than a glorified video with some flashing lights at the end. History buffs would love it, and the story was told well, but the best moment of … Read more