Day 7 Winter shoot 6000km in 14 Days

CRANBOURN TO WARRNAMBOOL via Great Ocean Rd(6hr30min304km)

Cape Otway Lighthouse was an experience and a half, the drive in was lined with trees full of strange fury fruit (Koalas) they were hanging everywhere. Wild weather was invigorating at the cliff tops, and brought a little terror into the eyes of the youngest one as he blew a few feet sideways on exiting the light house. Lucky his umbrella was not up or we would have had a horror version of Mary Poppins.



 The great ocean road….winter maybe not the best time for this, freezing cold winds and bucketing rain most of the stretch…have to come back


Warning…warning never stay at a place that only shows close-ups of pillows, table decorations or the like. All Seasons Warrnambool I would avoid like the plague, dirty, holes in walls, broken bits in showers, toilets not flushing, noisy, funky smell and ant invasion….all on a stormy cold night….

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