Submarines, Pretty creek & Mt Buller snow fields

Day 4/5 Winter shoot 6000km in 14 Days

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YASS TO Mt Buller 498km (6hr)

1. YASS TO HOLBROOK 214km (2hr) Germination Park Submarine 15 Wallace St,  Holbrook NSW

First break is Germination Park Submarine Holbrook, the  HMAS Otway: a 90-metre submarine dominates the townscape


2. HOLBROOK TO MT BULLER 284km (3.08hr) Mt Buller Chalet – 5 Summit Rd, Mount Buller VIC 3723

The real changes in to the landscape become dominant the closer you get to the snow fields of Mt Bulla: 

The blue is paling as the air thins and withdraws from the warmth in preparation of the inevitable tide. The trees now naked and almost shivering in the brisk breeze. Those with leaves are twisted, almost distorted, flinching away from the cold beginning to creep in.  The sun slices through the suspense every now and again with bloom-like brilliance of red yellows and orange stretching for the sky. “The Winter Prince” work in progress

next stop Mt Buller and the snow.

Mt Buller Chalet Best place ever, spa, gym, pool, and ski straight in the door of the chalet and is only a short walk to food shops and chairlift.

Had to stay two nights. Not the best weather, we spent most of the time in a cloud but there is still something magical in that.

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