Historic village, abandoned homes and a miniature world

Day 3 Winter shoot 6000km in 14 Days

Below you will find a detailed description of the route as seen through the eyes of its creator to give you firsthand knowledge of the type of experiences available along this route 

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MT VICTORIA TO YASS 408km (5.51hr)

1. MT VICTORIA TO CROOKWELL 188km (2.23hr) Historic Crookwell buildings

A rude awakening to the morning, as our beautiful little boy insisted on bringing up the yogurt from the night before. Tip, don’t risk dairy products in your car fridge (we have a 40lt auto fridge in the back)

The new car smell is now officially gone, but entering the beauty of the Historic Crookwell area this was easy to forget. The town is full of gorgeous historic buildings. We took a special liking to the abandoned old buildings on the outskirts of town as below: wooden one was near 3519 Grabben Gullen rd




2. CROOKWELL TO GUNNING 45km (35min) Pye Cottage Museum – 121 Yass St, Gunning NSW

3. GUNNING TO COCKINGTON GREEN GARDENS 60.6km (51min) 11 Gold Creek Rd, Nicholls ACT 2913

Did the Canberra loop and then visited the brilliant miniature  Cockington Green Gardens full of miniature scenes from all around the world animals, cricket games, flowing streams and miniature a steam train. 

4. COCKINGTON GREEN GARDENS TO YASS 48.8km (39min)Stayed the night in basic lodgings, Colonial Lodge Motor Inn – 2 MacDonald St, Yass NSW 2582. separate house out the back, good for families. Great price, great quality

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