Giant Guitar, big fish, poetic mountains and Majestic accommodation

Day 2 Winter shoot 6000km in 14 Days

Below you will find a detailed description of the route as seen through the eyes of its creator to give you firsthand knowledge of the type of experiences available along this route 

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Bingara to Mt Victoria Via Muswellbrook and Putty rd
593km (7.30hr) 

1. BINGARA TO TAMWORTH 151km (1.46hr) big guitar – 2 The Ringers Rd, Tamworth NSW 2340

Stopping in Tamworth for the kids to see the big guitar and will be back at a later date to check out the best spots in this stretch. 

2. TAMWORTH TO MUSWELLBROOK 156kn (1.51hr) Hunter Bell Cheese and yoghurts 75 Aberdeen St, Muswellbrook NSW 2333

Our back road journey took us past beautiful horse studs and mountains of coal. We attempted to find the Hunter Bell Cheese and yoghurts so we could see things being made, however after going around in circles a few times we gave up. 

3. MUSWELLBROOK TO MT VICTORIA 285km (3.40hr) Putty rd – starts at GoldenHwy & Jerrys Plains RD

Long stretches can get tedious however, window views can be equally as inspiring especially Putty rd, the stretch up the narrow, steep windy section Brought out my poet. See if you can guess what happened: 

Together they enter the valley, swirling, whirling, sailing through the green walls. Whisper quiet in the flickering light, coasting skin close to the balancing angles kissing the earth. With no hesitation, they enter the beast’s territory. Following the winding passion of the snake, urgently twisting as the thundering beast encroaches on their sanity and safety. The startling intervening light does nothing to dull the threatening roar. With a blink, we disappear out of danger and now twist and turn on the fumes of his rumble. 

Huge Semi pushing us up the winding mountain at a speed that he probably shouldn’t even do on the flat….. 

4. Majestic Imperial Hotel – 1 Station St, Mount Victoria NSW 2786

By the time we reached Mt Victoria at the top of the Blue Mountains, it was dark, cold and raining but we were greeted by the warm open fireplaces of the Majestic Imperial Hotel.**Closed at the moment for  redeveloped(2022)**

This Imperial is several leaps up from Bingara’s in terms of a grand period piece. We went for the Imperial Suite normally chosen by brides, purely for the experience and because the prices were so reasonable that we could(kids on a trundle bed). The spa was brilliant after a long drive. 

Imperial Hotel Mt Victoria
Imperial Hotel Mt Victoria

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