A road trip full of unique accommodations, sculpture parks, snow, waterfalls, penguins, outback, ghosts, hot springs, an underground gallery and much more

Winter Road trip 6000km in 14 Days

Below you will find a detailed description of the route as seen through the eyes of its creator to give you firsthand knowledge of the type of experiences available along this route The Below map is for reference guide only with interactive info on locations along the route.

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A lot of this trip is hit and run, the idea is to get the best snapshot of the variability that the country has to offer, and locate the most promising areas for more thorough exploration at a later date. Capturing the essence of Australia essentially.

DAY ONE - Dayboro QLD to Bingara NSW 6hr (506km)

1. DAYBORO TO TOOWOOMBA 165km (2.15hr) Toowoomba Picnic Point Lookout & park – Tourist Rd

At the sun’s first kiss, the skies ignite, and we make our move from Dayboro Queensland

Settling into our seats, greeted like a warm embrace (seat warmer button on) as the crisp new car smell fills our nostrils. Picked up the Toyota Land Cruiser Sahara LC200 Twin Turbo Diesel (and some extras under the hood)  just the day before, leaving trust entirely in the hands of Toyota’s quality control.

I soon discovered the small pleasure of a Toyota diesel turbo as a grin involuntarily appears on my partner’s face every time we pull out to overtake, and the hills leading to Toowoomba drop away like desert plains as the purr of the engine takes hold. 

2. TOOWOOMBA TO TEXAS  165km (2.15hr) Lunch stop at Apex Park Playground and toilets on Broadway

Oh, and we didn’t take the kids just a few hands and feet

3. TEXAS TO CERAMIC BREAK SCULPTURE PARK 138km (1.37hr) 13.4km along Allan Cunningham rd from Warialda- Fossickers Way, Warialda Rail NSW

Ceramic Break Sculpture Park just before Bingara NSW: the sculpture gardens felt like a bit of a hidden treasure, as the soft raindrops melted on contact. The air crisp as the sun hangs low, we take the entrance walk to the galleries flanked by unique sculptures. Both eye-opening and thought-provoking with their political statements and hidden meanings expressed in such beautiful forms.

The Galleries held some fantastic works of art as well as Dinosaur bones. However, the sculpture walk that continued into the hills beyond was of more interest to me. Artworks hidden and nestled in nature, I only wish the rain and daylight had held off more, as good shots were made impossible this time around. 

Keep an eye out for the friendly Ostriches, also residents of the park.

4. ACCOMMODATION: Imperial Hotel 27.5km (20min) 21 Maitland St, Bingara NSW 2404

built by Michael Doyle in 1879https://imperialhotelbingara.com.au/ 
Bingara is a Gem on the Gwydir River, nestled in National Parks.  It is a place that shines with opportunity and offers a warm welcome despite the crisp winter weather. Having grown up in a small country town with the standard pub on every corner, I chose a quintessential old pub for our first night. Renovated adequately but still with the old-world charm.