Day 9 Winter shoot 6000km in 14 days

AILEM BEND TO MIRANDA (4hr30min377km) Started the day out beautifully with little free car ferry ride across the river. First stop was a great little town called Crystal brook full of fantastic stone buildings Next night stop Miranda…what can I say, Marine reserve, pastel shores, overpowering sunsets….but you have time the tides because when they … Read more

Day 8 Winter shoot 6000km in 14 Days – WARRNAMBOOL TO TAILEM BEND (6hr518km)

WARRNAMBOOL TO TAILEM BEND (6hr518km) We took a detour off our plan to find some wind farms (Macarthur-Hawkesdale rd)and also discovered a great waterfall and picnic spot (Nigretta Falls -37.6558 141.924606). The drive took us through countryside dotted with massive twisted trunks of some grand old gum trees, seaming almost prehistoric in presence.     … Read more

Day 7 Winter shoot 6000km in 14 Days

CRANBOURN TO WARRNAMBOOL via Great Ocean Rd(6hr30min304km) Cape Otway Lighthouse was an experience and a half, the drive in was lined with trees full of strange fury fruit (Koalas) they were hanging everywhere. Wild weather was invigorating at the cliff tops, and brought a little terror into the eyes of the youngest one as he … Read more

Day 6 Winter shoot 6000km in 14 Days

MT BULLER TO PHILLIP ISLAND (5hr) Ok first stop Pannys Amazing World of Chocolate, brilliant. Chocolate waterfall….need I say more.  They even have chocolate games and you create and eat your own chocolate pattern. Penguin Parade was a beautiful experience, the setting gorgeous as you watch the sun going down and these cutest little penguins … Read more

Day 4/5 Winter shoot 6000km in 14 Days

YASS TO Mt Buller (6hr498km) First break is Germination Park Submarine Oddies Creek Play Space has a lovely short walk The real changes in to the landscape become dominant the closer you get to the snow fields of Mt Bulla:  The blue is paling as the air thins and withdraws from the warmth in preparation … Read more

Day 3 Winter shoot 6000km in 14 Days

Rude awakening to the morning, as our beautiful little boy insisted on bringing up the yogurt from the night before. Tip, don’t risk dairy products in your car fridge (we have a 40lt auto fridge in the back)  MT VICTORIA TO YASS (5hr51min408km)  New car smell now officially gone, but entering the beauty of the … Read more

Night 2 Winter shoot 6000km in 14 Days

By the time we reached Mt Victory at the top of the Blue Mountains it was dark, cold and raining but we were greeted by the warm open fireplaces of the Majestic Imperial Hotel. This Imperial is several leaps up from Bingara’s in terms of a grand period piece. We went for the Imperial Suite … Read more

Day 2 Winter shoot 6000km in 14 Days

Bingara to Mt Victoria 8hrVia Muswelbrook and Putty rd  Our back road journey took us past beautiful horse studs and mountains of coal. We attempted to find the Hunter Bell Cheese and yoghurts so we could see things being made, however after going round in circles a few times we gave up.  Stopping in Tamworth for … Read more

Winter Road trip 6000km in 14 Days

At the suns first kiss the skies ignite and we make our move from Dayboro Queensland Settling into our seats, greeted like a warm embrace (seat warmer button on) as the crisp new car smell fills our nostrils. Picked up the Toyota Land Cruiser Sahara LC200 Twin Turbo Diesel (and some extras under the hood)  just the … Read more