Anastasia Painting

Personalities in a box

Girl in a Box 3, Anastasia

You will not guess where the initial inspiration for this innocent little girl came from….have a look at the last image.

Little Anastasia has a child like presence, tousled hair and a big smile. I picture her running through fields of flowers with the bright blue sky as the backdrop, without a care in the world. You will notice that the finished design has changed somewhat from the original sketch.

My daughter asked me when she looked at this new girl “why do all your girls look like someone I know?” Its because its the personalities and presence of the people we meet that register with us most. Essentially it doesn’t matter haw you change your appearance, there will always be an exiting essence that radiates through. My girls are about people being who they want to be.

Personality refers to individual differences in characteristic patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.



Different nationalities and their view on beauty
Different nationalities and their view on beauty


Create a scrap book and fill it with as many different ideas as you can, from people to insects and castles. I wasn’t trying to draw Pamela, but just took little pieces…hair colour, gaze, big smile…



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