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A creative journey into my fantasy world

Pine Rivers Art Gallery – Window Gallery 1 – 30 November


Art has always been part of my life, from doing portraits to pay my way through Uni to drawing for Walt Disney TV Animation Australia. And now 20years later I am a drawer, a painter, an illustrator, a photographer, author, graphic designer, and a web designer. For more insights into my creative endeavours visit

With this exhibition, I hope to take you on a short visual journey, giving insights into my story and artwork design process.

The Perceptions story has evolved over some ten years (life gets in the way sometimes), allowing me time to develop my characters into fully distinguishable personalities.

Australian landscape photographs are incorporated into the 8 illustrations, accentuating the detailed pencil drawings. It is a subtle amalgamation of fictional pencil drawings and the beauty of the real Australian landscapes as inspired by travels and life experiences that creates a story within an image.

In some images, the background and patterns are created by overlapping numerous images to set the right scene, and in others only a simple landscape is required.

I believe you can’t really create a fantasy story without visualising it as you go along, and this is why I have chosen to add illustrations. Let your imagination go, you never know where it will lead you, and that’s the fun part. If you want to add a little more fun to your lives, visit for more out of the box artwork.

gallery exhibition view

The Pine Rivers Art Gallery is conveniently located next to the Strathpine Community Centre, which is a short walk from the Strathpine train station and the Strathpine Westfield shopping centre. There is also a public bus stop right outside the door on Gympie road.




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