QRAA People’s Choice Award – Now Open

Voting for the 2015 QRAA People’s Choice Award is now open. Please vote for me…

Living in outer Brisbane the wildlife is a prevalent and cherished part of our lives and hence the focal point of my artwork.

As with most small communities personalities are unique and strong, and I have projected this idea onto the local birds from the area. You have your larrikins and your lovers, your comedians and your crusaders. These personalities and more are perched in a Hoop Pine, a historically recognised tree of the area to tie the image more strongly to the Moreton Bay Region. Technically I have incorporated two mediums to mimic the reality of our present lives. Classic drawing skills and the technological age working as one, and a little bit off humour on the side. Dayboro Locals

Photographic and illustration collage of Dayboro birdlife
Photographic and illustration collage of Dayboro birdlife

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