Flocking Dayboro

Queensland Regional Art Awards 2015 and Dayboro birds. My new project (I usually have about 5 going at once) is titled “Flocking Dayboro”, and will be brining to life the personalities of just about every bird found in our area(little nervous there are quite a few). The birds will be perched and propped in a huge Hoop pine … Read more

101 ways to set an art space on fire

Managed to squeeze some time out to start on the details of Mime, however I did not get far…..After 40 you tend to need to get really up-close and personal with drawings to get the details. Hence, it wasn’t until I felt the warmth and noticed a smouldering burning smell that I became a where that I had … Read more

Personification moooo

I would like you to meet “Mime” This is only the rough, initial drawing and is a character from a lyrical story that I am writing “THE WINTER PRINCE”. The character and story is derived from looking out of the car window on a journey to the snow. The sun was very low in the sky … Read more

she is a cow of a person!

Personification of animals only takes observation and association. All be it some animals are more expressive than others, for example the long neck turtle below with a very human smile view some of my photography at v-i-o.com However I would like you to meet “mime” This is only the rough, initial drawing and is a … Read more

We exist to live!

We exist to live! Life is the sole component to our being. We love, we hate, we build, we brake, we grow, we change, and we evolve. Perceptions – An Evolutionary tale eBook  

doodle Dood

Many little characters come out of the space between doing one thing or another. Doodling is not just a time filler but a creative stimulation tool, you never know where your inspiration will come from and drawing in different locations always brings new ideas that can be built on. VI Fantasy