Stimulate your imagination – Elephantasia Let your imagination run wild, Who are these creatures? what have they been up to? A hint of humour perhaps. This is purely lead pencil on paper fantasy, raw and beautiful. Click here to view more fantasy art    

Us V’s Nature

Once discarded, toys and tools of mankind are slowly reclaimed from whence they came… The human aspect or impact on nature, viewed as brutal and ugly, but beauty is found in the changes of light. Like an artist paints, nature and the environment shapes, colours and changes discarded human objects. Dotted amongst the countryside, creating … Read more

Indulging in the past

Indulging in the past What is it about things that are really old that make us stop. People age (mostly unpleasantly) gradually. But at some point aging becomes beautiful. Not in a fashion model sense, but in awe of the journey that must have been taken. The facades and need to fit in falls away to the need … Read more

Its that time of year again!

Its that time of year again! Big Bev and Wendy spoonbill are on the move, if anybody  would like Big Bev and Wendy spoonbill to visit their part of town, send in your flooding photos. This ones from Janelle Nielsen in Dayboro www.v-i-o.com https://www.facebook.com/visualimagesonline

How can I help?

How can I help? This should be your thoughts going into a MARKETING event, with always at the back of your mind your goals, and what you have to offer. Point number one, no hard sales pitches, start with your story that leads into what you are doing now. listen, mostly we formulate a response as … Read more

The Pineapple Queen B has landed

Networking And what a delightful individual. I went to a very informative and I have to say enjoyable Food For Thought event last night. The presenter was a very enthusiastic and motivational Kerryanne Farrer (The Pineapple Queen B) who enlightened us on networking. Starting first with her story made it easy for us to warm … Read more

Goofy expressions

“Another Goofy movie” was the second feature film that the Australian Walt Disney studio worked on after moving away from just doing TV animation. These images were just practice but they show the rough stage of drawing similar(sometimes a lot rougher) to what an animator would present to a clean up artist and the second the cleaned … Read more

when he and his wife saw it they just had to have it…it was so interesting!

“they just had to have it” got to love that statement, its the one feeling that drives art sales above all other reasons. This was one of the comments made when my “Personification – Mangroves” piece was sold recently and makes it all worthwhile. The Adventures of big Bev and Wendy Spoonbill series, “Personification – Rock pools” available soon. All … Read more


This is the kind of doodle I do when waiting for someone or something. No real purpose other than to fill time and squeeze a little drawing into a busy schedule. Click to view more art And no I did not have this image in my head before I started(that would make me one confused … Read more

How to get your book Reviewed?

I have no idea! It seems to be just like the traditional publishing process, and select the most appropriate reviewer for your book. If your name is not out there, it’s hit and miss if they decide to read your book. You have really got to be a salesman, and when you consider that most … Read more