Publisher slaves

If you love to write, don’t let the publishing process crush you. 
The hoops you will need to jump through are endless :  cover letter, Synopses, blurb, detailed rundown on who what when and why, Short description, long description, 2min pitch, your history, their history…… many similar books you have read and what they are(as if you have time actually to read books by this stage) 

Every publisher’s requirement are different, so you will have to do this process over and over. To top it all off, don’t dare contact them or ask for any actual feedback after your efforts. 

And here is the best one….umm don’t expect to hear back from us for say 6 months to 2 years (Ok so one publisher has a fast Friday or something, but it has to be on a particular subject) Oh and we prefer that you only submit to one publisher at a time.

Oh and I almost forgot, this is a tip I got from one of the publisher sites on how to get published “Its best you only focus on one story at a time”……not sure what they expect you to be doing in the year long wait? 

Not all bad though, you can always pay $300 to go to a writing conference and then pay $90 for 15min with an publishing editor…….Strange thing is though, that 15min was the most helpful bit of info ever….. 

Another Illustration for my Winter Price story, this is Aberdeen(a rocky mountain that comes to life every winter)


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