Self Publishing sweeeeet

I used Amazon’s Kindle Direct (LDP) to publish my Fantasy eBook “PERCEPTIONS – AN EVOLUTIONARY TALE”  which was relatively painless.

The guidelines are all there and with a little bit of extra help from google about 3 days of fine tuning and formatting.

The images were the most complicated(there was no mention of zipping files in their guidelines, thanks google) with constant resizing to find the best fit. Would have loved to have responsive images to fit all screen sizes but had to settled for the standard.

This was my final cover design using a background image from Cape Otway, and illustration Veronica from the Valley Unknown.


More Illustrations at Visual Images Online

The clash of mediums

Old style V New, I like to experiment with a mix of digital and illustration, but try not to lose the identity of the illustrations. The stroke clarity allows there to be a clear distinction between purely digital creations and not.  Its got to look like a drawing otherwise why bother. I use my photographs … Read more The clash of mediums

The Winter Prince

The blue is paling as the air thins and withdraws from the warmth in preparation of the inevitable tide.  The trees now naked and almost shivering in the brisk breeze.  Those with leaves are twisted, almost distorted, flinching away from the cold beginning to creep in.    The sun slices through the suspense every now … Read more The Winter Prince

Publishing Blues

Publishers will make you jump through so many hoops that you are so unmotivated at the end that you feel like just giving up. But don’t, If writing is not intended to be your mainstream employment maybe select the most appropriate Publisher to submit to, then if no luck go for self-publishing .  I think … Read more Publishing Blues

Publisher slaves

If you love to write, don’t let the publishing process crush you.    The hoops you will need to jump through are endless :  cover letter, Synopses, blurb, detailed rundown on who what when and why, Short description, long description, 2min pitch, your history, their history…… many similar books you have read and what they … Read more Publisher slaves

Roadtrip poetry

Sheep inspired by scenery between Tamworth and Muswellbrook:  They stand proud on their mounds gently inhaling the crisp air, exhaling in a telling wisp full cloud of vapour. Their self-insulation is a blissful comfort as the evening sun sinks over the patchwork hills. Easing their way to a scattered tuff, they enjoy a final emerald wisp … Read more Roadtrip poetry